The digital era has brought us all sorts of options for speedy communication;

emails, sms, mms are at our fingertips.

We don't send postcards. We don't send the gift of delight anymore.

Delight that a Friend feels finding a good old colorful postcard in mailbox,

knowing we've taken the time to tell him how much we like him

and how glad we are to remember him.

We use Facebook and Twitter to send messages from the comfort

of the toilet bowl to the (entire) world, conveying to family and friends

(but also to some uninvited and unknown people),

how “really good” it is, where we were, with whom,

what we were eating and drinking, who and when we …

Look there, somebody has already started to hiss:

“A postcard isn’t far away from Facebook self advertising.”

Well, as my mate Konta wisely said, “Maybe the same but nothing like.”

Just because of this “but nothing like” Mirjana and I,

at the beginning of the millennium,

have started to make our own postcards, intimate, warm,

happy and melancholic.

And as Mirjana once said: “Zoran and I are romantics.

We try to bring back a smile on the faces of our friends,

a smile which means a lot to us!”

Buy a postcard, or be a bit more creative and make it by yourself;

you can take one of those for free,  glue a stamp, find an address,

a pencil, write or draw something funny,

or just impress your lips on it, ok, it can be empty - without text,

but with love and affection! And the only thing you have to do

is find a mailbox...

Send finally that postcard.

You'll see - the smile will never fail.